George Bernard Shaw said “There is no love more sincere than the love of food”. I discovered this love in my teenage years and two decades later the one thing I know for sure is that with every passing day my love for food only grows stronger.

There is nothing that I do not love about food; well almost nothing (besides having to hit the gym harder after a memorable meal). From reading about food and watching food shows, to shopping for fresh meats and produce, to cooking up new variations of my favorite recipes, to travelling around the world and tasting local favorites – I love it all.


Right after my undergraduate degree my love for food started blossoming into culinary experiments that got bigger and bolder with every passing year. I really started cooking to feed my appetite for dishes that I craved. Before I knew it I was getting requests from friends and family to cook up their favorite meals. I was always nominated to cook for every potluck, holiday, bridal shower, birthday etc. My well-wishers and taste-testers always cheered me on to document my recipes, along with kitchen tips and tricks that I have discovered along the way. I thought about it several times but never got serious about it, as I never found a reason to start blogging my culinary experiments.

A few years ago I met my new-found, foodie soul mate – a.k.a. my husband and I realized not only do I love to cook, but I love to cook for the people I love and care for. Feeding the appetites of my friends and family is my way of saying “I love you”, “Thank you”, “Happy Birthday”, “I’m sorry”, “Get Well Soon” and “Just because….” This discovery has helped me understand that one of most rewarding ways to cultivate a relationship and nurture someone is to cook for them.

My love and passion for food has evolved into an insatiable desire to cook for the people that are important to me. I have finally found my reason to write this blog – to enthuse others to cook for their friends and family.

Feeding the appetites of the people you love results in warming their hearts and feeding their souls. With this blog, I hope my recipes and culinary experiences feed your appetite and inspire you to cook a meal for yourself, your friends or your family – or for anyone you care.

– Neha

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